greetings. since there is a huge uni sale going on, need to know everyone's opinions on which unis are essential (even just for leaderships) specifically for ABX. currently what i had in mind

  1. speed villain - vulture

  2. fem univ hero - medusa , satanna maybe?

  3. speed fem hero - shuri, IW BW maybe?
    4.blast villain - magneto. who else?

  4. fem combat - 2099cap..is nebula useful? lol.
    6.fem villain - hela ? iw prox of course.

  5. combat villain -

also to note i dont have any paywall character.. so i know ghost uni might be a choice but probably will never have her

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ABX meta unis are
Uni Hero: IW Thor, Medusa
Combat Hero: She-Hulk, IW Cap
Blast Hero: Cable, Cyclops Marvel Now or Star Lord (Cyclops is better for the AtlSpd team bonus)
Uni Villain: I don’t know if Ebony Maw helps
Speed Hero: QS or WS are quite similar, Shuri
Combat Villaln: Beast for Guaranteed CritRate
Fem Uni Hero: Medusa over Satana because she will surely be the leader for T3 Cap Marvel
Fem Villain: Ghost or Proxima with Ghost support
Fem Speed Hero: it’ll surely be the new Luna’s uni
Speed Villain: Ghost
Blast Villain: Cyclops AoA

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