Uniforms to get?

Uniforms to get? Looking mainly to improve characters for AC.

-Cull Obsidian

-Black Widow (currently Civil War uni)

-Iron man (currently Civil War uni)

-Antman (currently Antman solo movie uni)

-Proxima Midnight

-War Machine (currently Civl War uni)

-Cyclops Marvel Now (don't have a uni for him)

-Punisher (Noir), T1

-Rocket Raccoon (no uni), T1

-X-23 (would have to access bios through convertor)



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For AC; Cull Obsidian, Black Widow and Proxima are good choices.

Iron Man, War Machine and Rocket Raccoon unis are great for PvE modes but don't know about PvP.

Punisher and Antman unis make the character better but still not good enough imo.

Others aren't essential.

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