Christmas at Thanksgiving?!

Christmas at Thanksgiving?!

So I basically have been stockpiling crystals for this sale and hit 10.3k today. Original plan was Magneto then unis or BP pack. But since the packs wouldn't ever been on sale, I was thinking all unis? If so, please feel free to treat this like you could buy 10k worth of unis all over again. 🤤

I purposely only bought IW WS and Cap to get by on content while planning to splurge for BF sale. What would you get?

IGN: Bibirikun

My original list was IW Thor, Thanos (even though he's 1★), SW (don't have her yet), Spidey, Starlord, Strange, WM, Shuri; Cable, QS, Anti-Venom.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve had a look at your roster and if it were mine, here’s what I would do.
1) Buy RagLoki, Shuri , QS, IW Dr. Strange/AoA Wolverine uniforms right away. This is assuming you’re actively working to complete both Epic Quests within the next month. Hold out for a bit on Sharon Rogers as she’s allegedly got a new uni on the way.

2) Buy IW Ironman, IW Thor, IW Spidey, IW Black Widow, IW War Machine & AntiVenom uniforms. The above characters cost half the regular quantity of materials for rank ups and can be advanced to Tier 2 very quickly. Also buy RagnaHulk, IW StarLord & Wasp uniforms and try to advance them all asap.

3) Plan towards acquiring Magneto, then BP/Psylocke packs with what’s left and at your convenience.

I suggest you let SW and Thanos unis go for now as they are a huge resource sink and you could go a lot farther in Shadowland (your immediate long term goal, I imagine) investing them elsewhere.

Hope this helps.

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That helps a lot. Thanks!! I was on the fence about SW and Cable. The latter already sucking up 6M gold just to get to 3★. I figured it was good to aim for SW since she's such a beast. But I'll hold off for now and direct those resources back to finishing Strange. Wolverine got stuck at Colossus. Just can't stomach restarting the app hoping for a shifter. Might be worth buying the x-genes for the 500 or 600? You think it's worth aiming to spend 10k for the 6★ MRUT if the unis don't quite make it? Thanks again for all the help!

I think you might be mixing the Epic Quests up as Wolverine’s quest doesn’t have any step with Colossus - that would be Deadpool’s. I’ll suggest finishing up Strange & Wolverine first, and hopefully you’d have acquired rank up tickets for Colossus in that time. Let me know if you happen to need the links to the Epic Quest reddit guides and I’ll see if I can link them. I honestly don’t think that you should go out of your way to acquire the MRUT. All it does is get a character you’d rather not farm to 6 stars, but between all the half cost IW characters and the advent of L70 and Tier 3 characters, a T1 character will not see much use from you if it ends up remaining at T1. After you’ve bought the essential unis that will see near-immediate use from your roster, turn to face the Magneto pack (BP & Psylocke as well) and resume saving if you don’t have enough to buy any rather than splurge on uniforms you can’t use yet just so you can hit the 10k mark.

Oh right. Got Wolvie and DP mixed up hah. I guess originally I was thinking of using the MRUT on Luna since I picked her when I started but didn't do anything else with her after. But you make some damn good points. 😁 What do you think about pre-emptively picking up Mag's uni as well since that'll be my next direct purchase? Worth getting? Sound advice. Appreciate all your help!

I wouldn’t get Magneto’s uniform. Most people who picked it up did so because it looked cool, lol. It doesn’t raise Magneto to S Tier or anything of the sort and there’s barely any change to his skill set. Magneto is fine as is. Wasp is a huge support asset to your roster. She’s sought after for her T2 passive which removes any debuff (webbing, stuns, fear, charm, mind control, time freeze, snare) applied to any of your 3 team members provided she is on the team (in any slot). She’s also got an attack leadership and her newest uniform grants her an increase attack buff to all allies. This makes her a great asset to PvP activities ( Timeline Battle, Alliance Conquest) and SL as well.

Haha I actually was hesitant getting Magneto's uni because I didn't like it as much. I'll put Wasp on the list to work on... The very long list now lol. As a sidenote, ended up getting the MRUT anyway after buying as many unis as I could, but still couldn't afford RagnaHulk and Wasp haha. Amazing how fast it goes. Thanks so much for all the help!

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I'm in the same boat. I was hoping they'd be on sale. Besides the ones you mentioned I'm looking at Hela (for the eventual CTP), Loki, Ragna Hulk, and Hulkbuster. I'm staying away from Cap, Widow, and Spidey because with Avengers 4 next year (and Spidey movie) you already know they'll get new unis then

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