Hello all, Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all, Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so new to Reddit (just created Lol) and as well a noob with Future Fight (around 6 months I believe). I play daily but I am looking for some advice from all the masters here :)


First off, I'd like to know how can I show my roster/progress in the game? That would probably be the best way to get some recommendations. Thank you!

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Also look for the 4.5 tier list it will help give you an idea of what characters work best with what unis

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You can either leave us your in-game name and we can look you up or screenshot your roster and upload it to imgur and post the link!

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Thank you so much for the quick response. ​ My gamer tag is ... Kirby AVENGERS ​ Not sure what you can see, but I'm looking for advice on just about everything :D I realize I have some work to do still. Ideally, I'd like to take advantage of this sale. I already have a few unis and some characters unlocked but I feel like I'm all over the place. I know I don't have the correct stuff yet, maybe some direction to focus on but any help is really very grateful! Thank You!!!

Okay so at this point I would just say focus on being able to clear Shadowland. I’m not sure how far you can get, but the sooner you can clear it the better because you’ll get good weekly rewards. So just focus on T2ing as many characters as you can and expanding your roster. Good unis will help (e.g. War Machine IW). I assume you can clear Word Boss Normal 5 times a day. When your roster gets better try out the early stages of World Boss Ultimate for those extra materials. Take it easy on Epic Quests, they’re a huge resource sink and will take a lot of resources away that could be used to build your roster. Just take your time with those. Get your co-op stage as high as you can by getting as many characters to 4 star+ and level 40+ as you can. That’s probably about it!

Thx for this

Thank You Thank You ! Really helpful info :) It was a good idea to get on here. I'm very grateful and have a great day!

Of course! I browse the question thread just about every day and answer the questions I can. Good luck with everything!

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