Just started about 2 months ago and I am f2p.

Ign: TeddyHulk

Just started about 2 months ago and I am f2p. My focus is PVE content. I can beat shadowland up to stage 6 only and never do WBU as I'm doing the beat quicksilver 70 times (now at 36/70) challenge to unlock cable's wb. Currently I have saved up 7360 crystals and will get extra 400 crystals after the resets. I want to spend my crystals on BF uni sales because I heard this event only comes out once a year. Can anyone please check my roster and recommend which uni I should prioritise? No crystals were spent to buy unis in store before.

My plan for unis:
1. IW WS
2. IW thor
3. IW WM
4. IW spidey
5. Ragna Loki
6. Anti-venom

Should I save 1k crystals for upcoming sharog uni as I have her at T2 alrdy? If yes then I can get 2 more unis only and which of them should I spend on?
-IW Ironman
-IW Cap
-IW SW (Heard she's the meta but I don't have her unlocked yet).

I'm still far from completing the EQ so my plan don't include IW DS.

And I have heard that the best ISO set for cap is DDE, but I rolled overdrive for him. Should I go for the reroll or stay with current set?

Any extra advice for my cards, iso, gear and anything else to improve my roster are welcome :)

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Antivenom costume is dope, I use him as a wbu striker bc his heal skill has saved my wimpy chars more times than I can count lol

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If u have stark stash then u can grind a 1000 crystals in a week before Sharon sale ends
Since it's a black friday sale and we have more discount than ever I recommend to buy as many as uniforms as you can.

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