Have a T2 ticket with one more coming in 2 days.

IGN: Thalla

Have a T2 ticket with one more coming in 2 days. Already got a strong core of t2s (thor, strange, BP, aVenom, IM, sharon, spidey, shuri, WS, loki, hammer), so who else might be a good next investment?

*Current 6/60: Elsa, satana, sandman, wasp, ant, hellstorm, hulkbuster, snow(don't wanna rebuy a sub to finish her gears tho :/)

*6/not60: reyes, rogue, DDm singularity, widow, jessica

*5 stars I know are good: A1, clea, hela, hulk, x23

Have recruited all WB up to quicksilver, but might be a while before focusing on them

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Sandman is good for combat villain abx and Satana with uni is good for universal female hero abx. IW Hulkbuster is also a good character from what I’ve heard. Wasp at T2 has a great T2 passive. Also, I’d recommend you unlock QS and work on him as he’s probably the best value for the cost native T2.

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>unlock Qs I have him. It's the raising him thats going to be a problem :p > best value native t2 Huh. Not Thanos? Alrite. Thanks, and everyone else too

QS is one of the cheaper native T2s and should ideally be the first one you build. Trust me, it seems like a lot of work, but it’s really not that tough. Thanos costs twice as much and though he is much better than QS in PVP, Quicksilver is a lot better in PVE game modes. QS is still a TL meta tho so don’t underestimate his PVP usefulness either.

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Satana with uni is great agains ebony maw. 70% fire damage plus add fire obelisk and shes really good IMO

Hulkbuster IW is good too, regenerates over time

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Of the ones you listed I would pick Wasp because of her leadership and iframes. Sandman also is good for iframe abilities I think, and satana makes a good universal female for shadowland and maybe alliance battle? I'm not sure

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