Should I use my CTP of energy on Inifity war thanos?

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Best candidates for CTP of Energy are - Cable > T3 Deadpool > Quicksilver > Winter Soldier > T2 Deadpool > Stryfe.

If you want to build Thanos for PvE give him a regular obelisk with a damage proc. If you want to build for PvP which is highly recommended since Thanos is a Timeline monster give him an Immune to Guard Break/Max HP or Recovery Rate/Invincibility obelisk.

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Where would you put Wanda if a MindDmg obe is not an option?

Yeah, one could argue that Wanda, Psylocke and Thor are also potential candidates. But why would a mind damage or lightning damage obe in case of Thor not be an option? They can perform really well with these obelisks, and CTPs are extremely rare so maybe give it to characters for whom it is the best possible option.

Thanks for the help!

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