Should I buy IW WM or IW EMaw?.....I need someone that can push me far in WBU.

Should I buy IW WM or IW EMaw?.....I need someone that can push me far in WBU. Btw WM will be getting his T2 soon and my Maw is unbuilt still at 1* tho

TIA in advance for replies

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Maw brings more to the table - Mind control, elemental damage.

Having said that, he takes a bit more to level, and WM will serve you better short term.

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> elemental damage. For some reasons i also always thought that he does mind damage, but its wrong, he only does energy damage and physical on his #3 skill. Both are quite squishy imho and noe of them would be my choice for WBU, but WM is much easier to build. On the other hand Maws uniform give +25% extra damage against universal types, so he can be used as support char in WBU.

Interesting I assumed he did elemental damage because maw wrecks maw in WBU - good to know

I always assumed it because mind-control and stuff simply sounded a lot like mental damage type i think. But energy damage works ok against Maw, elemental is just a lot better. But he is only totally immune to physical.

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