Since Emma Frost was discounted last update as well as now, does it look like this will be a regular thing?

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It has been on sale when she got her uni and on Black Friday. Nothing here indicates that it’s gonna be a regular thing. It could be, but there’s no way to know.

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I haven't paid attention to AW but do you know if he's been on sale more than black Friday? I'm trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger and get Emma or if I should just load up on unis.

I would say if you have all the meta unis and enough to clear SL without problems, then go for Emma .. else maybe better buy some more unis if you are not a big Emma fan. Emma is great and i really love her, but she is more or less a luxury char just like most pawalls.

I am pretty indifferent to Emma and yes, I do have most of the meta. Looks and sounds like she could be really good but I also want to get to level 70 Maw. My issue is I would be wasting crystals if she goes on sale next all uni sale if I get her but also if I don't and she is never on sale again. This is my one issue with this game, my OCD and potential buyers remorse makes me overthink things ;).

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Can't really say. It's possible if she goes on sale within 2 months again.

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