need to get 4 more 875 unis to get the mrut, which ones should i get?

need to get 4 more 875 unis to get the mrut, which ones should i get?

IGN xxvoidsxx

I want more pvp characters since i’m sucking TL, is wasp a good one to build? but pve helps too since i’m only clearing stage 18 of SL. Thanks in advance!

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Wasp does her job on TL even without the uni. Her uni is not really necessary.

From what I see on your roster, your best lineup is to lead with Angel. Then DP ans Spidey for damages. Better if you have them at T2.

For unis, go get Archangel, IW Thor, Cable, ShaRog and Shuri.

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isn’t sharog going to have a new uni? also i have iw thor. is archangel’s uni a decent improvement to his character?

Angel is mostly used for his leadership when you don't have Wasp built to T2 and don't have Jean or she is banned. Else i must say my T3 Cap doesn't notice a difference if Angel has his uniform or not. My avorite team actually is Wasp or Jean lead, T3 Cap and Corvus or Thanos. Wasp uni is not really needed .. its funny when you can sometimes kill T3 Cap, T3 Thor and even some Apocalypses with her, but normally i just have her for her T2 skil and Corvus is there for most of the fighting. He is especially the best char against Jean imho. Cap is mostly used for speed chars like Angel, QS and Spidey.

should I start building corvus and get his uni then?

Personally he is my absolute favorite for TL, so i would say yes. And if you ever are lucky to get a CTP of patience, thats exactly what he needs.

Yup. Forgot about the ShaRog uni. From your roster, Angel seems to be one of the few who's worthy of a uni since he's already at T2 unlike the others. Extra damage is always helpful. Since you already have IW Thor, let's replace it with whoever you plan on advancing to T2 next. Pick from AoA Cyclops (to help you on Blast Villain Day), or Warmachine (you should work on him, he's easy to T2 and super strong against Prox)

ShaRog getting new uni in he upcoming update, I don’t think he should be getting the starlight armour.

Oh, yeah. Forgot about that. Thanks for the heads up.

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