Is Medusa or Satana more visible in the current meta?

Is Medusa or Satana more visible in the current meta? Thinking of getting either uniform as I need a universal female.

Or what about QS?

Anyone know the skill rotation for RagnaHulk and RagnaLoki?

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  1. I find Satana better as she have self heal. Plus her leadership helps her with that +70% fire damage.

  2. QS is okay without the uni. But extra damage is always good.

  3. RagnaHulk - his skills are built like you can press whatever and you'll be okay.

  4. RagnaLoki - 3, 5, 4, 2, 1

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I also prefer Satana, always finish ABX at 100% health and 160k even when playing one-handed just with mouse (only clicking skil buttons) With Medusa i always loose quite some life when i just use her in mid-level SL stages, so i guess its much harder in ABX to keep her alive. Loki .. renew damage-shield and clones whenever possible and spam other skills in between.

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