I just bought Wasp+Shuri+Wolvie(AoA)+WarMach; thanks to BlackFriday.

I just bought Wasp+Shuri+Wolvie(AoA)+WarMach; thanks to BlackFriday. However, I am confused which Unis to buy (3 more). The following are the options:
---> Black Widow
---> Hela (Ragnarok)
---> Loki (Ragnarok)
---> Quicksilver
---> StarLord (IW)
---> Groot (IW)
---> Rocket (IW)
---> Pymtron

Please help me in choosing any 3 from the above options. Also keep in mind the overall value (from Legendary Battles) and shit like that. I'm not buying BlackOrder because I've not yet built them. Same for Cable and Scarlet Witch. My IGN: CHAMP0369. Please help me here, I genuinely am damned.

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I'd go with Quicksilver, Hela, and Loki. I think Quicksilver is self explanatory as he's just broken af, the uniform making him even more so. Lokis makes him very strong, stronger than Floki. Helas is good too, but you definitely want her for the CTP you get for mythicing her uniform in the legendary battle. Hope this helps!

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Sure it did! But is investing in Thanos (IW) worth it? Coz 50% discounts won't come again.

If you're going for anything pvp, yes. IW Thanos is an actual beast when it comes to pvp. Pve not as much but he can still pull his weight. I've had weeks in Timeline where he just solos teams left and right. Check out my profile if you want any references. IGN is ifogotminame.

But I'll wait until I can build him, coz I am simultaneously upgrading 4-5 toons RN. And maybe when my Thanos will be ready, it'll be BlackFriday again (^^). Thanks for helping me out! P.S.: Bought Loki+Hela+QS

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