Hi I need some advice.I have 9410 crystals currently.With the crystal spending event,I want to get the mrut for my antiman.However I won’t be able to get to 10000 crystals for the mrut as I’m f2p.So my plan is to get the psylocke pack and with the crystals I have left and from the pack,buy the proxima,hela,Loki,vulture,medusa uniforms(for abx and legendary battle) to get the mrut.So I need advice to decide to do that or do something else as I know that buying the psylocke pack right now is not the best option.my ign is Destoryer21 if you need it.Thanks in advance!

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1st is we need to get your crystals to 10k plus. However, getting uniforms is the priority now since they only go 50% off once a year. This means we need to avoid the Psylocke pack for now.

Have you claimed your free crystals for having Facebook friends that also plays MFF? You can get thousands of crystals from that.

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Thanks!I forgot I could also get crystals that way.

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