Which Iso set should I place on Spidey and Thor?

Which Iso set should I place on Spidey and Thor?
Both IW uni
T2ing them tomorrow.

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POAH or Overdrive. If your cooldown from your cards suck, Hawk's Eye is okay.

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I don't even know what cards to place yet

Well, [here's a card guide for beginners](https://www.reddit.com/r/future_fight/comments/8hotwk/updated_guide_to_comic_cards_for_mff_v40/). It's a bit outdated but it still works. If it helps, the premium cards from Ragna Loki, Ragna Thor, and BP are awesome for F2P.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate. I'll go through it as soon as possible. Already got Thor IW y'day. So Ragna Loki would be my best bet for now. BP uni and a T2 ticket (not even mega( for 3k crystals is a little outrageous for me considering he's bad at T2. Psylocke or Magneto would replace that.

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