Just got the CTP selector from the legendary battle.

Just got the CTP selector from the legendary battle. Have never had a CTP of destruction or authority before. Which one is better/has more uses?

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Destruction imo. It’s a best of both worlds gear with guard break for pvp and a proc for pve

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Thanks! What are the best characters to use it on in your opinion?

Nws. If I could get your ign I can give a better answer but generically: I value giving pierce to characters who don’t have it natively because I love removing opponent HP when there’s nothing they can do about it. I have one on Strange and this coming sale I’ll get one for Cap. However many ignore the pierce and think of it from a PVP x PVE perspective and put it on metas like QS, SW, Jean Grey, etc. See below for some people’s opinions: https://www.reddit.com/r/future_fight/comments/9wjq7t/top_5_options_for_each_type_of_ctp/?st=JOTX27EX&sh=52f126f4

IGN is cucumbermelon

Haha nice. I think Thor is worthy.

Awesome! Thanks again. (I wait until the iso-roll sale comes up or else i’ll End up using all my gold 😩)

All good fair enough. Enjoy!

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