Is there a uniform I haven't bought on this sale you guys recommend.


I have 3230 crystals

Is there a uniform I haven't bought on this sale you guys recommend. I am thinking of skipping cap, ironman,warmachine as they might get uni next year. Not going for BO and Thanos as I don't really see a use for them. None of them shines anywhere right except Thanos but I don't really need him as I play manual and there are other characters good for timeline too.

I bought Thor IW, Pymtron, Emma, and falcon marvel legacy as he is needed for lot other unis.

Emma does alot of damage but cant say so for Thor. In terms of damage he falls behind Emma. My Thor cant finish stage 19 Maw but my Emma can. I leveled up my Thor to level 68 with gears all 24 and lincoln lead, shuri support, he can't do it either. Does he need to be T3 to be a GOD.

Note: Most of my characters are undeveloped, they don't have custom gear and iso-set. Still working in it.

Thanksssss :)

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Of course your Thor cannot clear Ebony Maw. His Obelisk is trash. Aim for Damage proc and lightning damage.


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Yah but haven't got the correct one yet. That obelisk was given during unworthy thor came out.

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So what if they get unis next year? There are many months to go until then. Cap, Iron Man and War Machine are top tier characters.

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Like I said, I don't see much of a use if I buy them. Wanda, Emma, quicksilver, hulk and others can clear wbu. I don't have enough materials to t3 them also. Thinking of t3 thor first, then maybe BP.

It is your choice, obviously, but I see you do not have Quicksilver's uni, so I doubt he can clear stage 30+ of WBU. War Machine can clear stage 29 easily, while Cap does need tier 3 to be useful even with his IW uni.

Which WBU is that, proxima? Does 10% damage boost from shuri uni helps alot? Shall I buy it?

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