Thinking of buying some Emma Frost packages to get her to T2.

Thinking of buying some Emma Frost packages to get her to T2. Currently have 4k crystals and don't need anything from the uni sale, so it's either Emma Frost now or save for the next update.

How good is she? My Wanda can clear Maw in the 40s, Psylocke/Jean lack dps for 40+ but can easily do low 30s together with Cable/Thor. So will I gain anything by getting Emma to T2 or will she need max upgrade ISO/200% proc to add anything that I don't already have? If that's the case I might as well just pour my resources into Psylocke/Jean.

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My Emma is level 62, +20 Gears, 4-5* uru, CTPD (160 proc), and Stage 9 Hawk's Eye, mythic uni.

I'm 95% sure she can clear level 40 Maw, but I haven't actually tested it yet. Her new uni really boosts dps. She blew right through level 35 Maw, and she struggled with that before the uni.

She seems to be right on par with my Jean (5-6* uru, stage 12 Hawk's Eye, Fire DMG/Ig Def/140 proc).

I'm running 41 with Jean, so that's not too shabby.

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Update: Did clear level 40 Maw with Emma today. A1 lead, Coulson support.

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