out of these mentioned characters:

  1. Wasp

  2. Hulkbuster

  3. Star-Lord

  4. Black Widow

  5. War Machine

  6. Rocket

  7. Satana

  8. Loki

  9. Magneto

Whose uniform is the most important w.r.t the game considering world bosses and abx days plus added benefits like loki ragnarok uni p-card?

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Loki, for all the reasons you said. He’ll get you 100k Universal villain ABX, P-card, easy SL villain clears (if you’re not at 30/30). He’s also easily farmable.

2nd is probably War Machine. His IW uniform gives him a huge boost from trash tier to S tier. He can be used to clear reasonably high stages of WBU Proxima.

3rd is between BW and Satana. BW is trash without it, okay with it. But she’s nothing to write home about. Satana is in a similar situation, but she’s probably more useful for Universal Female ABX.

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thanks man.... i can easily clear shadowland 30/30 even without him... so shall i still would go for him for just the p-card,as i already have thor's p-card

Loki prem card is worst of all premium cards

so what is your take on the best uniform among the mentioned

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