Is there a general consensus of which CTP is the best or more versatile?

Is there a general consensus of which CTP is the best or more versatile? I have a mythic Pymtron to get the selector and getting the AM pack on BF if it's on sale. I have checked This Guide but my issue is I am not sure who I will use it on.  Most of my deserving types already have solid OBs/CTPs (i.e. Jean- HP-Fire damage-200%). My initial thoughts was to put CTP-D on Thanos but is it that much better than the GBI-Ignore dodge-200% I already have on him?

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Destruction works well on everyone.
Thanos I believe needs GBI and invincibility.
That's a nice Jean obelisk. I'm jealous.

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So CTPA would be better?

What obelisk you have on QS?

CTP-E with 180% proc

I personally would go Destruction because if you don't like it on him, it's still useful for just about anyone else.

They're about equal on him, Destruction maybe has a slight edge.

Thanks, since the AM pack is not on sale, looks like it will have to wait. I will keep that in mind and figured the GBI-Ign dodge-200% may look good on WS or DP.

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