Once I get the T2 selector in 10 days, who's a good unit get?

Once I get the T2 selector in 10 days, who's a good unit get? I've already maxed Moon Knight and X-23.

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Shuri/Sharon Rogers/iron hammer/skurge

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I was thinking Iron Hammer because he crushes me in PvP all the time. And I've heard nothing but great things about Shuri, does she need the BP uni though?

I used mine on Iron Hammer and he's great. His 4th skill is his best and allows you to move around as you use it. He's got a small heal on his 3rd and his 5th does pretty good AoE. Part of his leadership is a nice skill cooldown bonus which helps if you don't have great SCD through your cards. Just needs a double lightning obelisk to really get to his full potential

Shuri does not need the bp uni

Iron hammer or shuri

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