So, I’ve been playing for a few months now and I feel like I haven’t been making really great progress.

So, I’ve been playing for a few months now and I feel like I haven’t been making really great progress. It’s taking me so long to upgrade characters and I’m constantly running out of money/materials to do so. One thing that’s holding me back is that I still don’t fully understand the comic card/custom gear/ISO-8 systems, and I’m too afraid to experiment because I don’t want to waste my materials. I don’t have any CTP’s (to my knowledge) but I’ve got a bunch of unequipped extreme obelisks. I have some ISO’s equipped but I can’t seem to get any good set bonuses activated? And I’m too nervous to use comic cards because I know you can’t unequip them. Help!

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For ISO's to do anything you will want to change your iso set to and 8 iso set and equip iso's based on the set to get the bonus for your characters. CTP's are really hard to find. I have only tow or three of them and have been playing the game for a few years so don't worry about it. For comic cards all you want is scd and all attack and maybe dodge and crits.

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Cards - There are 3 types of cards (IIRC), farmable cards (they are tied to a specific dimension rift), RNG reward cards (these have a chance of showing up in the LAB Shop, from high level dimension rifts as a bonus reward, World Boss Invasion, etc.) and Premium cards which can only be bought via various crystals, some legendary battle rewards, and I believe high level WBU chests.

Cards range from 1 to 6 stars. The more stars, the more stat options the card can have. The first two stat options are always fixed and colored orange. You'll find this applies to everything you see later on. Loki #17 as an example always has all attack/cooldown reduction for the first 2 stats. Premium cards have 3 stats that are "locked". Every other card has a set few options that can roll in a given slot (in blue). Using the Loki #17 card as an example, the 3rd "blue" stat can roll: Crit Damage, Mind Resist, Max HP, Ignore Defense, or Dodge. Ranking up a card (from 3 to 4*) may change ANY blue stats on the card.

The other modifier on a card is in a diamond on the card. This number ranges from 1 to 7 and determines the strength of the first two stats only. Generally speaking, ignore this number as the stats you roll are WAY more important than the rank of the card.

Finally, there are card sets. Once you 6* a card, it's locked in your collection (provided one exists, the angel rift's X-men card has no collection for example). When you complete a certain set of cards in a collection, you unlock a permanent stat bonus.

General strategy: You want to get 30% cooldown ASAP. Your next goal is 30% cooldown + ignore defense. Then add all-attack. Then physical/energy attack (etc.). To accomplish this, you want to start by rolling many 3* or 4* cards and equipping any card that has both Cooldown reduction and Ignore defense on it. Because blue stats may re-roll as something else, you pretty much never upgrade cards you've equipped to yourself. Instead, you'll overwrite them with better cards. From there, you try to start rolling cards with Cooldown reduction/Ignore Defense/all attack, and overriding a worse card. Continue doing this pretty much forever, because it takes a long ass time to get "decent" cards.

Card shortcuts:

Loki's Ragnarok Uniform
Thor Ragnarok Uniform
Black Panther Uniform (3300 bundle)

all reward a premium card with Ignore Defense/Cooldown reduction and another attack stat. This means you're really only re-rolling for all-attack and it'll be your best card for a while.

I'll see about typing up ISO/Custom Gear later on if no one else jumps in.

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This is helpful, thanks. Should I be focused on 6*-ing cards? I’ve only got 1 6* at the moment (Punisher #60, physical attack 8.5%, max HP 8.5%) and 6 5*, none of which have cooldown duration. Am I looking for 30% cooldown duration on one card or 30% combined? I’ve got a 4* Loki #17 card with 8% cooldown (orange) and a S.H.I.E.L.D. #7 with 5.4% cooldown (blue). If I increase the rarity of that Loki card, will the cooldown increase? Or is that stat fixed?

You want a combined 30% CDR (cooldown reduction). IIRC, only the first 2 orange stats will increase based on both the rank of the card and the number of stars. The 3rd -> 6th options do not increase. I would equip your best Loki #17 card now (even 3 or 4*), then work on getting a 6* version with the stats you want on it to replace your current one.

EDIT: Alright, I equipped the best cards I have and I’m not at 18.8% cooldown reduction and 20.8% ignore defense. Part of my problem is that I often just “upgrade all” because I need to clear out space in my inventory. I suppose that apart from the fixed stats, it’s all just RNG anyway? So you basically upgrade a card, see if it’s got good stats, and if it doesn’t, just try again with a different card?

It's not complete RNG, certain cards are more desirable at the start because of their fixed stats. Going back to Loki #17, you always know it's going to roll All Attack and CDR as its first two. It's 3rd stat also has a 1/5 chance of rolling Ignore Defense. I would definitely priority Loki #17 cards when upgrading to start because it should be relatively simple to get a 3 or 4 Loki card that hits ignore defense on the 3rd slot.

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What exactly do you need help on?Some specific questions would make it easier to answer.

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I’m looking for a beginner’s guide of sorts to help me understand these systems. When I’m searching for help, there’s always this baseline assumption that everybody knows what a CTP is and what it does. I want the most basic, easy to understand way to understand and maximize my cards, ISO’s, and custom gears. Should I just keep re-rolling ISO-8 bonuses until I find one that uses 8 ISO’s? Should I just apply all my best cards right now, regardless of what they are to get that boost? Should I equip all my extreme obelisks right now because I’ll eventually replace them all with CTP’s?

Well you can always check the sidebar for guides.But here's some basic info. **CTP**s are rare and powerful custom gears.You get a **CTP of energy** by beating a story mission and **CTP of transcendence** drops sometimes when you're using a hidden ticket to clear a special mission.Other than these you won't get any without crystal expenditure.So yeah,you'll only be equipping normal obelisks on most of your characters. Just equipping a bunch of cards will not help you in any way.Your goal with cards is to get **30% skill cooldown and 30% ignore defense**.You can check the sidebar for a comic card guide to decide exactly what cards you need and how to acquire them. Only about 4-5 of all the iso sets you see are actually good.Ignore any iso sets other than the 8 set ones.Always roll Hawk's eye/Overdrive/Power of the Angry Hulk.There are exceptions,but almost all of the characters in the game only need these 3. Stay away from urus and type enhancements until you get the hang of the game.They only add to the confusion.

Yeah, I haven’t attached any Uru yet and I don’t even think any of my characters are capable of type enhancement yet. And I ran out of gold trying to roll an 8 ISO Set...

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