I checked in some CTP guides but are from 8 months ago.

Better characters for





I checked in some CTP guides but are from 8 months ago. So I am looking for some new recommendations.

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For CTP-R :- PVP focused T3 Cap, Blue Marvel, Luke Cage, Colossus and Destroyer.

For CTP-T :- IW Spidey, IW Corvus, Ragnaloki, IW Maw, Spidey 2099

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Why is IW Spidey a good candidate for this CPT?

The all attack gives him a solid damage boost and the invincibility is always useful in PVP modes, such as TL and AC, where Spidey is already a beast. In addition to this, his dodge can be easily capped using uru and uni options, so a CTP-P would be wasted on him and the ignore dodge from the CTP-T is more useful.

Makes sense. So would you recommend him over someone with summons?

I would. However, IW Corvus is a close second.

Just put it in Spidey and did a couple test runs on TL. He is so much better now and mine is only at lvl 64.

I don’t have him yet. Spidey it is, thanks.

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