I have Vulture without uni at 5* with 321 bios.

I have Vulture without uni at 5* with 321 bios. Should I use 6 rut on him and use his bios to rank up his gears instead? I don’t have good speed villain and I have 3 6* rut.

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His bios aren't that hard to earn ... 6* RUT is probably better used on many other heroes/villains.


He is a good speed villain with his Uni, though.

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But only because there are nearly no other speed villains. Even at T2 with full ISO sets, a heroic uniorm and 6* Sin as lead today i again ended with that : https://i.imgur.com/Bx9hSu1.jpg Worst ABX day ever since combat-villain without Apocalypse.

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