Hey guys!!

Hey guys!!

I currently have a CTP of Energy at:

Ignore Dodge: 32.6%

Critical Damage: 36.4%

Chain hit 20%

Damage Proc: 160%

I only have about 3 more 6 star Obelisks I can spare so I was wondering if I should keep this or keep rerolling? Its been over 15 rerolls so far and nothing good has come my way yet.

Thanks so much! Cheers!!

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keep rerolling, only use a ctpe with 200% proc.

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And don't forget to do the epic quest to get VIP level 25 first :-D

You will understand later why i said only use ctpe with 200% proc once you're going to be a competitive player (chasing score).

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Only reroll if you have maybe 20 - 30 to waste. Even if you think it can't get worse it often still does.

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