I will be having 2600 crystals by the time the sale ends.

I will be having 2600 crystals by the time the sale ends.
I am planning to buy 2 emma packages( as I already have 1, so 875x2) and Thor IW uni.
But if 2 packages becomes incapable of t2-ing my Emma, than should I buy her third pack too instead of going for the Thor IW uni????

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Yes, but only if Emma is one of your most favorite characters ever. IW Thor is leagues away better than Emma.

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I love Emma because she looks hot af in her uni😂. Thor’s uni is necessary as I have thor at t3 but with ragna uni and he can’t do well without IW uni.

Well, the sale goes for a week. Go get 2 sets of Emma bios and hope for the best. Who knows when will we have Emma on sale again. Go for a third one if you get unlucky, you could use the extra bios to upgrade her uni.

Got 2 emma sets. But gears got upto only 20/19/19/20. So now should I buy her set again or thor iw?

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