Should i buy these unis ?

Should i buy these unis ?

  1. IW SW

  2. Vulture

  3. Agent Venom

  4. IW SL

  5. BP Shuri

  6. IW RR

  7. IW HB

  8. Punisher

  9. Cyclops

I already have these unis.

  1. Wolvie

  2. Ragnaloki

  3. Ragnahulk

  4. Sharog

  5. IW WS

  6. IW Thor

  7. IW IM

  8. IW WM

  9. IW Spidey

  10. IW Cap

  11. IW DS

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You should consider buying:
1. IW SW
2. Agent venom

Both will immediately give you a return on investment in WBU. Other unis are just nice to have

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