Have 13.600 crystals.

Have 13.600 crystals. Need some advice on what to buy. IGN Trinitratit.

Is Adam warlock a good purchase? Also how many time I must buy the pack?

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He is a one trick pony at the moment and even then he is not the best at what he does.. Great in PVP but not quite the king. IW Thanos definitely outshines him

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Thanks for your help

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> Adam

He's a Native T2 character, so you only have to buy him once. You'll get him at 3*. Can't really say if he's a good purchase as I have no plans on buying him.

I'll check your profile later for uniform stuff

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Thanks, waiting for your reply.

1. Since you have a buttload of crystals, I suggest getting the Mega T2 ticket from [here](http://www.mobirum.com/article/detail?cafeId=futurefight_en&bbsId=75&id=1301125). The package includes MRUT and other stuff for 8,200 crystals. Maybe use the MT2 ticket on Anti-Man as he's the best Universal Villain. Even outshines IW Thanos. 2. That leaves you with around 5k crystals. The Psylocke pack would be good but you can save up for that in the future. Purchase it on crystal spending events. 3. Unis. From what I see on your account, get the ff: Corvus, Cable, Anti-Venom (work on your Venom), AoA Cyclops. 4. You'll have some leftover crystals, save them until the last day of the sale. Maybe we'll have the new Luna and ShaRog uni by then. If not, ask again here on the last day of sale.

Was not aware of that deal. Do you think I can Mega t2 premium character like anti man?

Yes, you can use it on all characters (except NT2). But the character needs to be at 6* for you to use the Mega T2 ticket. You will get a MRUT ticket anyway to 6* Antiman. Or you could use the MT2 on Luna since you already have her at 6*. It looks like you're an F2P from what I saw.

Yes, I am F2P, just bought like 2 stashes and saved up crystals. Not going to spend again. That is very strange, I am asking because I once had a Mega T2 Ticket (The one every starter player receives), and everyone told me to get shuri. Thats why I thought I cannot get premium chars with it. And yes, I think Luna might be a better option because she might get lvl 70 and an UNI. We'll see I guess. Thank you very much for your help! ​

> I once had a Mega T2 Ticket (The one every starter player receives) You may be referring to the T2 Selector. That's a different one. You cannot use that on premium characters.

You are right. Just remembered that was a selector

Last thing on Luna, only use the MT2 ticket if you are **100%** sure that you wont buy a subscription in the future. Otherwise, it is better used on Anti-Man or Nova.

That's a good point. The bio-sub is only $10. The MT2 is arguably much more valuable than that.

Will think about it, yes.

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