If I put ITGB in my T3 Cap, would that prevent me from being stun locked by Proxima’s purple spears and getting guard broken by Proxima’s straight purple attack?

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Na man. Just make sure you have a good connection and run like hell when you know it's coming

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Yes! that's why ITGB isn't just for PVP anymore.

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Thanks a lot! I really think I need it in my Cap. Do you think it’s a good idea to give him a CTP-D? I got one from an orange booty box.

I have it equipped on my Cap, the dmg proc helps in WBU tremendously and he's a beast in TL with it. I always time the proc on his t3 skill and he scores almost 2 million in ABX, I'm on lvl 37 of Proxima atm thanks to him, he's also great against Corvus with ignore dodge leadership/strikers

That’s great to hear. What’s your IGN?

Thanks! That’s really helpful.

No problem

I'm thinking of giving that to him too ( whenever I have one lol.) But i never have damage proc on him, so I'm not sure how easy to time it. From my experience though, Caps with CTPD kill my defensive JG just only with his 5.

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