* [625] Medusa (Monsters Unleashed!

With Black Friday sales announced, I'm thinking about getting;

  • [4620] Adam Warlock

  • [875] Black Widow (Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War)

  • [875] Cable (X-Force)

  • [875] Star-Lord (Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War)

  • [875] Quicksilver (Marvel Legacy)

  • [875] X-23 (X-Force)

  • [875] Emma Frost (Marvel NOW!) - I have her at +15 gears but might buy her packs too

  • [625] Archangel (X-Force)

  • [625] Medusa (Monsters Unleashed! (MFF Variant))

  • [625] Agent Venom (Agent Anti-Venom)

  • [625] Colossus (X-Force)

  • [625] Giant-Man (Ultron Pym)

12120 crystals in total.

I'm also considering;

  • [875] Ant-Man (Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp) - I have no idea what to expect from this uniform since I never used Ant-Man. EVER.

  • [875] Magneto (Marvel NOW!) - I don't think he's worth the price tag but if I'll ever buy it, it's now.

  • [875] Spider-Man (Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War) - I already have his Homecoming uni and frankly I never use him.

  • [875] Killmonger (Marvel's Black Panther) - For CTP of Energy.

I like to know what you guys think about them. Thanks in advance!

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Don't do what brainer121 is saying. This sale is once a year while psylocke will anyways be there. But unis and get the ones you really want.

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Yea, I agree that's why I'm delaying Psylocke pack. I don't feel the need of Psylocke or Stryfe for now so I feel like they can wait. Without Stryfe, I don't really need extra material drops neither.

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I think you should hold on for adam, archangel and colossus for now and get the Psylocke pack.

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Terrible advice, once a year sale and you say buy the non discounted, always available package?

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Adam warlock is and never will be worth it for meπŸ˜‚

Agreed but he should go for whatever uniforms he can get right now. Going for Psylocke means 5-8 less uniforms (depending on whether he's ready to get the 1500 crystals back or not).

Ya I got you and agree.

I still have enough crystals for Psylocke pack after the 12120 crystals. Do you think it's really that essential for an already end game roster?

Essential? No. Her DPS is probably top 5 though, so she's a great addition. Maybe the biggest benefit for you is having the unlocked quest that gives you about 20 bios everyday (for just 8 energy).

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