IGN: kingofoneshot.

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IGN: kingofoneshot.

I need help regarding the cards. My current card setup has Ignore defence - 24.5 SCD - 21.4 All attack - 7.5 Energy - 11.1 Physical - 5.1

I am using beginners recommended cards. Starlord2 6star, Groot5 5star, nebula 5star, zombies 6star, Loki 17 6star.

Should I go ahead and 6 star Groot card and nebula card or get some non premium cards and upgrade it to 6 star?

How to get rid of message notification in game?

I have rolled two ignore defence(40%) on the first two status and trash third status on a six star custom gear. Should I give to any character or use it as fodder(change option) for another custom gear?

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If you give me you IGN I can give you an advice on cards.

What in game notifications exactly?

That obelisk is not good for any character. The most important stat is the third one (the proc). No obelisk is good if it doesn’t have Increase damage by X% for 1 attack or X secs of invincibility. And no character needs a 40% IgnDef obe. Most characters are at 40% IgnDef if you have half decent cards and PoAH or Overdrive ISO-8 set. The cap is 50%, so better use that obelisk to roll another one (preferably one with IgnDef orange stat.

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My IGN is kingofoneshot.

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