My Thor is maxed out at T2, I'm only left to gather resources to advance him to T3.

My Thor is maxed out at T2, I'm only left to gather resources to advance him to T3. His IW Uniform is at Mythic.

Will getting option uniforms increase (greatly or just minimally) the stats of my Thor? I was thinking, since Black Friday is coming up soon, I could buy the uniforms to get the other options to fully strengthen the uniform's stats on my Thor.

Thanks in advance!

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The option-uniforms are good sized upgrades to the stats provided. If you own them you get most of the bonus, but each uniform level you gain with them you get more bonus, so it is better to have them at mythic vs rare. To completely max them out is a long, hard process.


The biggest bang for your buck is to get option #2 (+attacks) and option #5 (+attacks/crits).

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It’s a pretty big increase if you have those optional uniforms at Mythic, like 5% IgnDef. But only 2nd, 3rd and 5th slots are worth it.

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> But only 2nd, 3rd and 5th slots are worth it. Not precisely true. Uniform options are a good way to cap SCD and Ignore Defense without having to burn Uru slots. Uniform options are the same for all characters. It's the unlock uniforms that vary. More, uniform options are much easier to reconfigure than ISO-8, custom gear, and Uru. Here's the rundown to help you decide - per character - which option in a given slot might be worth the uniform costs: * **Option 1:** Attack Speed, Movement Speed, SCD, Crowd Control Time, Dodge. * **Option 2:** Physical Attack, Energy Attack, Physical Defense, Energy Defense, HP. * **Option 3:** Recovery Rate, Ignore Defense, SCD, HP, Attack Speed. * **Option 4:** Physical Defense, Energy Defense, All Defenses, Dodge, Movement Speed. * **Option 5:** Physical Attack, Energy Attack, All Attack, Crit Rate, Crit Damage. As you can see, Option 1 could be well worth unlocking on, say, Cable if you need to cover his SCD while you work on cards. Once SCD is capped, you could easily reconfigure Option 1 to cover Attack Speed or Dodge. > But ideally only buy the uniforms if they are outdated. I think you meant if they *aren't* outdated. Buying outdated uniforms only for the uniform option unlock is about the very last thing you want to spend crystals on.

Great posts though there are probably some uniforms that are good just for the uni option unlocks they provide, like someone’s comment on another question in this thread regarding Falcon’s uni which unlocks option 2/3 for a lot of really nice unis.

What are his option uniforms though?? I don’t have thor iw yet but I am gonna buy it in the sale.

Sif, RagnaHulk, Falcon (Marvel Legacy), Baby Groot and RagnaLoki

Lol. I have none😂

Well, Hulk and Loki are must buys if you want to use the characters and they are the most important options, so maybe you should buy them on BF. They also will give you a CTP of Refinement and a Premium Card if you mythic then (which you should if you are buying them to help Thor).

Seems like I have to buy ragna hulk. Not loki as I have him at just 4*

I would still get Loki's Ragna uni and start working on ranking him up for at least a few reasons: 1) that's Loki's best uniform, 2) he's very useful as a villain in SL and 3) you can get a premium card in the Legendary Quests once it's mythic.

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