Which option should I roll for Iron Hammer's fourth gear???

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How much IgnDef and SCD do they have?

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35% cooldown 11 igd for IH 35 CD 12.5 igd for Arachknight

You have some serious problems with your cards. Maybe if you give me your IGN I can help you, because doesn’t matter what you roll on the 4th gear, they are either gonna die or do little damage.

Ikr. I'm just in for four months now, n I'm building up the cards. I graded up a Loki card recently but I'm working on Groot for IgD. Marvel zombies also. N I should start with Starlord cards for igD again. My IGN is IthronPari. Please give suggestions. Thank you.

You are doing great following the guides. Marvel Zombies and Groot are the way to go. Star lord is almost the same as Groot. For now I think it’ll be better to roll SCD for Arachknight and Iron Hammer because that’ll prevent you from dying to World Bosses. Even if you do low damage (because of low IgnDef, you can take your time and clear the stages). Keep the good work, you’ll get there.

Thanks a lot. Do I have any better options for ignore defence??? I almost cleared cull WBU 1 with Strange without uni without the Loki card. Any tips for WBU also??

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