What's the best way to farm Gear up kits?

What's the best way to farm Gear up kits? Aside from buying from the item shop, which I always do. I'm not really short on them but I'm afraid of using too many to craft UUKs

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just craft it on the processor. it only cost anti matter and debris which are pretty common

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People keep talking about how common debris is and how guk is the only real roadblock but that hasn't been the case for me... I'm actually shorter on debris than I am on guk tbh and still have many characters that need to get their gears from +10 to +20 :/ but yeah, maybe in the future when i dont need that much debris I will do it, thanks :3

Are you doing daily Dimension Rifts? Are you actually participating in them or just leeching?

Mostly leeching, I use most of my energy to farm bios wherever I can (WBI, story). So yeah, I get 200 daily but not much more than that

This. Also you’ll run out of GUK’s quick if you’re trying to rank up multiple heroes at a time. Slow it down and focus on just one at a time.

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I had the same struggle as well, but here’s what I do to stock up on GuK:

  1. Shadowlands (try to get as many 6* on the team to get bonus rewards)

  2. Alliance Raid (Medium/Hard mode) I often get 200 or 5* Urus from here which is SUPER helpful in saving materials.

  3. World Boss Invasion. After completing all my daily runs, I spend the remainder of my energy here. It’s also a great source of spare bios, gold and norn stones.

  4. Legendary battles, mostly you’d get gold and 1-2 bios here but there are chances to get GuK here.

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I will try to do alliance raid, then. But when it comes to WBI (which I do a lot because I need bios), whenever GUKs drop, the amount is ridiculously small :< even from purple boxes and beyond. Anyway thanks a lot for the reply!

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