What obelisk is best for Thor T3?

What obelisk is best for Thor T3?

1 - Critical Damage 33% + Lightning damage 34% + 120% proc


2 - Lightning Damage 37% + web resist + 200% proc

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2nd one

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The loss of the critical Damage will not affect the damage that hard? He has 200% because the first was already equiped, kinda worried about the loss of critical damage tbh

No it won’t. Crit damage depends on Crit Rate which fluctuates with the opponent. 200% proc is premium and super worth equipping it even if the second stat is crap.

The loss of crit dmg will hurt a little bit will be far outweighed by the gain in dmg from 120-200% proc. Plus crit dmg can come from other places, just not in that quantity

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