IGN: Chopernaut.

IGN: Chopernaut.


I have aCTP of Destruction with 200%, but I saw that top ranking players have it on Thor for PVP probably, I want my Thor for ABX. I don't know if should I use it on him or save it for another character. Also I am thinking on using it on my Cap that is T3 with a CTP of Energy. Any recommendations? My main focus is ABX and tbh I am not sure if Thor is that good on PVP.

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CTP D is a PvP Obe, if u focus on ABX CTPE is a superior Obe. I’d probably put it on Jean/Spidey T3 if i were u

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Hey thanks a lot! I guess i Will use it on Jean, so most of the Caps in top ranking are used on PvP instead of ABX? Or for him that Obe works for ABX too?

the top rankings use most of their characters for Alliance tournament, where CTPD is the best Obe there for sure. Yea CTPD works for cap, but if u are chasing ABX scores u just need the 200% Proc chain hit dmg is just a bonus. There are better characters to use the CTPD on so just stay with CTPE on Cap

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