Hey guys.

Hey guys. So with BF coming, I’m planning on buying IW Thor (have him t3 and well built), RagHulk (T2), RagLoki (T2) and RagHela (just for the CTPE). Which uniform do you think i should rank up to mythic first and maybe even use uniform tickets? And are these good uniform choices? Thanks in advance.

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All 4 are good unis choices. As for whom to built first, it depends on whether you are at a stage where you needs better cards or more ctp. Other than Thor and Hela, which you need to pick between one based on what you need, you can farm the rest at the same time.

If you intend to use uni tickets, use it on Hulk only since he is the only non-farmable character out of the 4. However I will suggest that you save that ticket for character that are semi-paywall or paywall.

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It depends on your cards. If you need the Loki P-card then maybe him, otherwise I’d say Hela for the CTPE because it’s quite rare and one of the only free ways to get one

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