have Starog/AVenom and IW WS/SM/cap unis.

have Starog/AVenom and IW WS/SM/cap unis.

on BF going for Loki/Hulk/DS and two more unis

1st dilemma is between Ragna and IW Thor, i understood that IW thor has very much DPS comparing to Ragna, but ragna gives p-card. Currently i dont have any pcard

2nd IW IM (have him at T2) or IW WM (currently 6*, but easily farmable) or maybe any other ?

also assuming we will get crystals from prereg event+300 from defenders checkin, i will have enough crystals for 6th uni too. which uni should i go ?

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  1. Get IW Thor. The damage is so much better and it gains a lot more survivability with the dmg block on 5 skill as well as the guard on 3 skill.

  2. both are fine for pve content, IM is basically a glass cannon except for 3rd skill with escape and 5th skill with high dmg and block. WM is a damage dealing monster but lacks IM's survivability

  3. for 6th uni honestly depends on what chars u like
    I hope this helped, have fun :)

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