Is dde good for t3 cap for wbu?

Is dde good for t3 cap for wbu?

Is antivenom a guaranteed heal with the coop skill?

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Yep , it's the best ISO set for him IMO , because an attack ISO set will be overwritten with his 5th skill or his T3 skill iirc
Nope , not always ,but having him as a striker will also help you to get those heal circles from the ground when he attack without need to press the coop skill

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Do you know more examples when uni or skill buff overwrites ISO-set's buff like in Cap's case?

IW Buckys 2nd skill overwrites the iso set bonus as well.

Quick Silver without his Uni -don't know if it's fixed or not with his Uni- with his 3rd skill .. he is the only one i remember tbh

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If he has his IW uni, then yes it’s very good for him. Antivenoms heal isn’t 100% guaranteed but it activates at least 80% of the time.

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It works 60% of the time...every time? 😁

I’m not sure how well it works with the coop skill, but when he tags in as a striker, he does his 4th skill more often than not. He does it regularly enough that whatever character you’re using can stay alive easily.

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