I need tips for timing proc:

  1. if a proc activates on one skill, if I cancel into next skill by accident, does it mean I get nothing? if yes, what's the point of the 5 second countdown then if it only works for the one skill that activated it?

  2. If a proc activates in the middle or at the end of a skill, do the earlier part of the skill get proc-ed too?

  3. If a proc activates earlier than I want (let's say, for example, one skill too early), what is the best way to get back on track? Skip one skill in my next rotation?

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Took me some time to get this hammered down so hopefully this will help:

1a. If DmgProc activates on one skill, then you begin another skill, then the DmgProc ends. You get (next to) nothing as whatever part of the previous skill was active was the DmgProc got the boost.
1b. See your point, and the duration of the countdown really doesn’t work this way. Believe it’s more meant to act as a ceiling on channeling skills so that they cannot just go on forever with an active DmgProc. Also is meant to reward skills with long animations and multiple hits (Psylocke’s 5, Wanda’s 3, DP’s 4, etc.).

  1. Once the DmgProc becomes active it will boost the dmg of the remaining hits of the skill. It is not retroactive to the beginning of the skill. Thus, better to have the DmgProc activate towards the beginning of any skill.

  2. This is where muscle memory and SCD meet. After the 7 second cooldown you then have a 10% chance of reactivating the DmgProc. So you either want to leave something out of your rotation? Or have something run a bit long to get you back on track where the Proc hopefully activates at the beginning of the intended skill.

In my experience you need to activate your desired proc skill then hope like hell it activates the DmgProc. Being that it is a “10% chance” it is not a perfect science.

Do you have Cable? He has a very user friendly skill set that is as close as possible to a “sure thing” dmg proc activation. Play around with it in ABX to really get a feel for it. I’m a year in and still find it challenging to hit Wanda’s procs with accuracy. Today is Luna Snows day. If you have she’s a good one to play around with. Try and activate the dmg proc on her 3 skill.

Hope this helps.

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Wanda without uniform for me was always the easiest to proc on her #5. With her i got at least 7-850k in ABX while with Cable without uniform i never got much more than 550k. Now with uniform with Wanda it doesn't really matter that much for me if i proc on #3 or 5# and its easier to get back if the proc is on the wrong skills. So now with uniform i get 1k - 1.2k with Wanda and at least 850k with Cable .. but yeah .. i still suck at that game and i wish we could go aways from that stupid damage proc meta, because that would also make other chars more viable like Magneto who has only 6-10 hits on his skills and so damage proc does not much for him.

Did you T3 him?

Nope, simply because of the reason that his normal skills 1# - #5 are not really good to make use of damage procs, so even if his t3 skill is good, that one is not useable so often and i can't think it would help him compete with chars that have 50-100 hits on their #5 or #4 skills.

Right there with you. Huge missed opportunity on the uniform. Would have liked to have seen substantial changes.

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  1. Because some skills in the game are as long as 5 seconds like Psylocke’s 5th skill.

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