Anyhoozle, [this](https://imgur.com/a/SBbuOyb) is currently my roster.

Heyo, I've been in and out of this game for a while, it goes in cycles

Anyhoozle, this is currently my roster. I can clear up to mid SL, depending how patient I am with the early levels. I just 6* Cable today, so he's pretty basic rn, but my QS has a CTPE on him, so go that

Not sure where I should go, obviously DP and Strange are getting worked on, but i'm not sure if I should T2 and Uni (with BF deal) WM/WS, or if I should go for BPXtreme, or what

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  1. Get WM and WS' unis and T2 them. You wont regret it.

  2. Get the BP Extreme later when you have both Magneto and Psylocke packs.

  3. Use your 6* Selector on Iron Hammer, also your bios to rank up his gears.

  4. Yeah, Hela is an okay choice for the Mega Mythic ticket to get the CTP.

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> Yeah, Hela is an okay choice for the Mega Mythic ticket to get the CTP. Not if you plan to get the BP package because then its better used on Killmonger. Also in general Helas uni only costs 750 crystals and thus needs less mats for ugrades then 1050 crystal unis. And of course Killmonger as a pawall char normally cost masses of RL cash for upgrading.

Thank you to you and /u/pran1c

I agree. I don't really consider getting paywall character uniform since I'm sure I wont be using them. Anyway, follow /u/Beldin2 's advice if you plan on getting KM's uni, if not, Hela.

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