1. Is it a good idea to give Crystal a shield ISO set like BP or DDE?

  2. And to give Wiccan a dodge set like Prince of Lies?

  3. How do i need to build Titania for ABX?

  4. Is Magik supposed to be able to do early stages of WBU? If yes, with what build? Cause mine barely is.

  5. For BF, i plan to buy Crystal and Daisy’s (2nd) uni (favs). Are they worth it? And which uni is better between BW and SR’s?

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  1. Give her an offensive set.

  2. Also an offensive set.

  3. On what day are you using Titania for ABX? Combat female? Villain Female? Combat Villain?

  4. My T1 Magik can clear early SL stages. Gears are at 15/15/15/15. Offensive ISO8 set and no custom gear.

  5. I'm sure they're your favorites but you better spend your crystals on other characters. Crystal's uni is okay but not a priority. Get SR's uni over BW.

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I use Titania on every of them (only focused on my fav chars so my roster is pretty bad). And sorry, i was talking about WBU, not SL for Magik. Thank you!

Oh, my bad on the Magik thing. Can't really help you there as my Magik is at T1 only. As for Titania and ABX, there are better options than her for Combat Female and Combat Villain. On Combat Female, Titania can be a good lead while T3 Cap is your attacker. The 2099 uniform makes him female. As for Combat Villain, I use Apocalypse now but if you dont have him built yet, Sandman is a better choice. AoA Beast is a better lead and then use Skurge for alternative. And for Female Villain, I haven't really tried Titania since I mainly use Hela. I've heard Proxima is the best choice for this but I dont have her built yet. You can try the suggested build for Titania from [this guide](https://imgur.com/a/FEalLgr) but it's not 100% that it will work.

I tried Titania once on my second account and i had to equip her even with urus to get 100k, before i just did 95k or whatever, so it was close. Combat villain totally sucks if you don't have Apocalypse, i think i only once reached 100k there with T2 Carnage and T2 Skurge. For female, Hela is a lot easier but give her an obelisk with immunity to snare cause it sucks when you have 90k and then get snared to death ;-)

Yeah, my Titania does 95k too, it’s frustrating! Thanks!

Hi /u/14Scarlet14 , we've got additional input from /u/Beldin2 . Thanks!

Thanks, i really appreciate it!

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