Hey guys, IGN: Chopernaut.

Hey guys, IGN: Chopernaut.

Quick question: I am building my Thor and I hope to get his T3 soon. LIGHTNING+GBI+INVINC obe or a CTP of destruction with a 200% proc? I saw on the rankings that most use a CTP but I am not sure. Also Satana with uni or Medusa with uni for universal female abx?

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Those two options are for different purposes.

The itgb+lgtng + inv is for pvp purposes. With that obelisk you wont be able to go very far with him on WBU. Thor lacks survival so for pvp that option is very good on him.

CTP if destruction is a little more versitile. Altough it doesnt give him invincibility, it maintains the itgb wich is also usefuul for pvp. And the proc is essential for clearing high WBU stages.

If you dont have any more suitable characters for the destrucion, i would say the ctp is better.

Medusa has an advantage on satana cause she can go to lvl 70. If they're both ate 60, satana (depending on build of course) is better

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Thanks for the advice! In your opinion, who are the best characters for a CTP of Destruction?

Jean, dr strange, Deadpool, winter soldier, nova, and thor

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Since he isn't that great at PvP, invincible won't do anything for him. He needs a damage proc and immunity to guard break. CTPD provides both of them so I'd go with that.

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