Based on my roster, is it smarter for me to T3 deadpool or level Scarlet Witch and get her uni?

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Based on my roster, is it smarter for me to T3 deadpool or level Scarlet Witch and get her uni? Also, should one of them get my CTPE, or should I get Cable's uni and give it to him?

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You'll eventually want to do all of the above, so you won't make a really regrettable decision. However I would do it in the following order.

  1. Scarlet Witch. She has the greatest utility in all of the WBUs, including as the best striker. Give her a mind damage, damage proc obelisk.

  2. Deadpool. CTPE to maximize your investment in him.

  3. Cable. Since you don't care about ABX above 100k (wise choice), the CTPE is a luxury.

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I've heard Cable is only WBU viable with SW as a striker for mind control. Is that true?

The main problem of Cable is, to deal good damage he has to stand still and channel his #5 skill. As soon as he moves or the enemy goes into iframe the #5 gets canceled and his damage down the drain. And that happens in WBU nearly constantly without mind-control.

Definitely not true. Playing cable takes some finesse, but he has all the tools he needs to dominate cull and corvus without striker assistance. His uniform turns his 3 skill into a respectable heal, so he becomes much more forgiving with it.

Cable is viable, but Wanda as striker makes it a lot easier. This is true for most other characters (Cap being the notable exception).

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