##should i replace or not?

Hi All
PLZ help
i need advice

currently my cards effect are

attackspeed 16.9

all attack 36.5

phy attack 11.5

energy attack 21.6

ignore defence 27.1

scd 25.9

20% hp increse for 15 seconds

i have a card that gives

ignore defence 8.5

attack speed 8.5

dodge 5.1

phy defence 5.7

all attack 6

20HP% for 15 seconds

i want to replace it with one of this cards

both cards are gwenpool #1

first card:

all attack 9.5

maxhp 9.5

dodge 5.1

phy attack 5.4

movement speed 5.7

energy attack 6

Second card:

all attack 9

maxhp 9

dodge 5.1

phy defence 5.7

ognore defecne 6

all attack 20% for 15 seconds

should i replace or not?

and with which one?

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Equipped card looks fine tbh. But if you really want to replace it, then Replace it with the 2nd card which has 6% ignore defence because you will be losing 8.5% ignore defence if you equip the 1st card. More Energy atk is good but 8.5% less ig def will effect your entire roster.

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Which card you want to replace with this one? It would be better if you post ss of cards.

The card I wrote in the comment above with the two cards suggested in the post of gwenpool #1

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