I got advice here on which unis to pick btw Thor/Cap America.

In prep for BF
I got advice here on which unis to pick btw Thor/Cap America. Both IW unis

I didn't understand why people adviced me go with Thor cus my Thor dies really faster than Cap. He's universal so my thought is he's supposed to be the best.

So I fought in TL today. Went against an Lvl 60 T2 Cap America with an IW uni with my T2 lvl 60 Captain America(default uni) Iron Hammer and Spiderman.
I couldn't scratch him reasonably.

I did the same against a Thor(IW) lvl 66 T2.
And I almost took him out with my Spidey of lvl57 (Secret Wars)

So what's the big deal about Thor that makes him better than Cap?

PS: I'm planning to buy these unis in prep to face WB Normal and maybe Ultimates. SL too.
Since it's BF I wanna make the right choices

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I use Drastic Density Enhancement Iso set on Thor. It helps improve his survivability.

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Thanks a lot. I don't know how to set isos for now tho.

>DO NOT set a DDE on thor. Get an attack set, namely Hawkeye, Power of Angry Hulk, and Overdrive. He is a damage dealer, not a tank. And if you get IW thor, you get a few secs invincibility after 5skill and a guard on 3skill which should be enough to keep him alive while dishing death,

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Cap is a tank.

Thor is not a tank.

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So in your opinion who should I go for both in regards to the survivability and DPS

Thor needs an attack set, DDE is pointless on him, it wastes a huge amount of damage and won't help him survive in the slightest. If you want survival then T3 Cap with DDE is the way to go, for damage then its T3 Thor with OD or POAH. If you want survival and damage then a well built Cap is a good compromise.

How do I build a T2 Cap IW uni with good damage and great survival

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Yeah lol even I once took out a t3 Thor with infi uni with a t2 Mantis with half skills. So I just left my Thor to stagnate regretting why'd I even waste a 6* selector on him.🤷🏼‍♂️

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So why do people obsess over him :( I really need answers if there's a hidden reason I don't yet know about.

He has great damage but not that great survivability.

So should I switch him to Captain or Iron Man both IW or RagnaHulk?

You can find a great deal of good blast characters but that's not the same with combat. You better pick cap or Ragnahulk. The Ragnahulk uni will get you a ctp when advanced to mythic. But choosing among the 2, I'm not the right person to judge. And don't stick to fan favorites, there are other better characters too sometimes. At tier 2 iron Man is not that good at all. So choose wisely.

So I get a CTP advancing Cap's Uni?

No, Cap has rewards only on buying the extreme infinity war legendary battle pack But Raghulk is in normal mode which is a ctp of refinement

I haven't bought useful unis before But what do CTPs do to a char

They're a highly boosted version of obelisks, ie custom gear

CTPs are Custom Gear types that greatly enhance the stats of the equipped character. There are different kinds of CTPs suited to different type of characters depending on the stats that they enhance. Refer to this guide for in-depth information - [https://www.reddit.com/r/future\_fight/comments/7tmk4w/ctp\_guide/](https://www.reddit.com/r/future_fight/comments/7tmk4w/ctp_guide/)

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind for BF It's just so hard deciding when you have little resources to spare.

T3 Thor can one-shot most chars in TL with his #5 skill, but if not he dies fast. In general i think Thor is better in PvE while Cap (t3) is better in TL. My favorite TL team actually is Jean or Wasp lead, Corvus and Cap. Corvus does the most work, Cap is used mostly against Spidey, QS and Angel.

>In general i think Thor is better in PvE PvE as in WB ? AC? ABX? >while Cap (t3) is better in TL. What other modes are Cap T2 best at ?

Thor is good at WBU and in ABX already at T2. At T3 he is very good. Cap needs T3 to be good in ABX and TL. Personally i still struggle with him in WBU and get always one-shotted by Proxima even with 70k HPs .. lol

The thing is that Thor is not good in PvP stuff like Timeline battle. His true value is in WB and WB Ultimate where he can clear all WB and push high stages of WBU Ebony Maw. Cap at T2 with IW uniform is decent but his true potential is unlocked after T3 which requires a lot of investment and is not really necessary. At T2 IW Thor is better than IW Cap. If you want a character than can carry you in Timeline get IW Spidey. Also, if you don't have him, IW Winter Soldier will carry you in WB/WBU as well as Timeline. Hope this clears some doubts.

That helped a lot. Thanks

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