How important is attack speed while setting cards?

How important is attack speed while setting cards?
I realized that when I equipped a 5* Punisher #1 card with IgnD and Movement Speed with good stats( SCD, Phys and Energy Attk), most characters' skill couldn't complete to full effect like the fear effect in WS's 6th skill, QS 5th skill, Cap T3 skill wasn't timed properly though my proc was in cooldown. But once I replaced that with the Punisher #19 card

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Best I can think of is that you're cancelling your skills early to keep with the rotation as these effects are usually at the end of the skill. A loss of attack speed feels very much like a loss of cooldown reduction in the way it messes up your procs as well.

If it's more a problem with the programming or with your perception, I'd have to see to accurately judge.

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