I don’t have the Black panther pack currently.

I don’t have the Black panther pack currently.
So is the pack worth it even now??
Is black panther good at higher stages of WBU??

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The premium card itself is worth the crystals imo :)

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Do I need to buy another uni for that card?

You just have to upgrade the BP uni to mythic but it already starts at legendary. I used uni XP chips but i wish i would have saved them and just upgraded it manually :) since it took me awhile to get 480 BP bios anyways. hope this helps!

And what uniform do i need to buy for the CTPE?

Either Hela, Killmonger, or Pymtron. You need the BP pack to unlock killmongers challenge but you dont need the actual character, only his uni. Pymtron is a selector and would probably be a waste since there are other CTP's you cant get from challenges. Probably hela would be the most crystal efficient way to get one. You also shouldve gotten one from beating story mode when you unlocked blue marvel. Also keep in mind you have to upgrade these uni's to mythic before you get the CTP (only BP's uni is received already at legendary)

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yes. you get a premium card easily (his uniform is legendary at purchase). also a new extreme mode to get some crystals back, and with it the t2 ticket and top tier uniform. The premium card already costs ~6000, t2 ticket ~2500, uniform ~1050, so I'd say the pack is extremely worth your crystal.

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Can black panther defeat level 20 of proxima even at t2?

with lead and/or support, yes.

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