I'm torn between getting either Magneto or Deadpool to T3.

I'm torn between getting either Magneto or Deadpool to T3. Got almost all the materials to do either one and not sure which is the best investment. Currently have reasonably high scoring Bucky for ABX speed hero day, and Magneto is okay for ABX blast villain day though in also working up my Stryfe at the moment and wonder if he'll be useful too once I've gotten him to 70. What should I do?

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Deadpool is really fun to use and crushes in every mode including timeline. I have Bucky's uni at mythic and well built and he can't even come close to Deadpool's DPS. Magneto seems dope at t3 with uni but less useful overall. Also Magneto has a uni that needs to be ranked up and DP is meta without one.

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Yeah, I've got Magneto's uni up to Legendary but as I say, my Stryfe is nowhere near completed yet but I'm still getting crazy scores from him so I might leave T3 Magneto for later and stick with DP after all. Thanks!

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