Just getting (sort of back) into the game.

Just getting (sort of back) into the game. Hoping I've made some decent picks. This is what my main team, and my highest stars look like right now: https://i.imgur.com/aH1am3e.png

Just looking for any suggestions, maybe there's someone else I should be looking at. I currently still have a 6-star purchase, a 3-star purchase, a 6-star mastery token, about 540 biometrics selectors and a 600 pack of norn stone selectors available to me. Not sure what to be spending any of that on though, although I've noticed the star purchases and biometrics have some kind of limit on who they can be spent on? Does this change if I unlock someone (really want Nightcrawler)? Any character suggestions or suggestions on where to spend some of these resources is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I regret to inform you that you cannot use those bios selectors on Nightcrawler. You can only get him through X-Gene selectors, Lab Processor, X-Gene sub, and paying with crystals.

  2. Your main team is okay especially Thor. You need the other's latest uniforms for them to be amazing. Tip: only buy uniforms when they are on sale.

  3. Iron Hammer is currently the top pic for bios selectors.

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1. Damn, that's what I was starting to expect, sucks to have it confirmed though. 2. I'll keep the sale thing in mind. I had suspected I needed some uniforms, but had only managed to save up for Thor so far. 3. Iron Hammer. Sounds good! Oh, one last thing. Is having a bunch of biometrics for someone useful? I have like an extra 300 or something of Panther, but I haven't found what else I can do with them beyond the 75 or so for advancement. Thanks!

Go save those BP bios if you plan on getting his uniform and upgrading it to mythic to get a premium card. It's quite expensive (3,300 crystals), but you'll get it at legendary (1 upgrade away from mythic) and some other stuff.

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