Black panther extreme pack or psylocke (not with stryfe)??

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So u mean 5100 crystals(as 1500 gets refunded) are worth just psylocke? Coz i am never gonna have colossus to t2.

Just Psylocke is much Superior than BP with mythic uniform, he does even have match with Psylocke when he is T3. BP pack will give you a few more rewards but you have to spend more crystals to get CTPs and that's it.On the other side Psylocke will give you unlimited access of her x-genes and MF,MC also. She melts WBU(who Doesn't have energy dmg reduction) , Her mind control helps on abx. She is totally worthy but if you ain't Interested then don't go for her, its a game, Nothing is must have here. If you asked then she is worthy or not , then I Think every player gonna say that she is worthy.

it's not just a character. You also get additional content where you can farm bios & X-Men materials everyday.

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